Swear words . . . counting to 10 . . . a fake foreign first name . . . and the menu at Taco Bell. For most, this is what stuck after a few years of classroom Spanish. Learning Spanish, it seems, is hard.     

Bradley Hartmann, El Presidente at Red Angle is convinced otherwise. Spanish isn't hard. It's just the typical classroom forces rote memorization and irrelevant topics down your gringo throat. That's a poor way to learn anything.

(Hartmann should know—he majored in Spanish.)

At Red Angle, there's a better way. It starts with making all content relevant, specific and brief. Then Red Angle adds in creativity and humor.  

Hartmann lived in Guadalajara, México, but his non-Spanish communication skills were developed on the gridiron as a QB. He played alongside current Chicago Bears General Manager Ryan Pace at Eastern Illinois University and hosted Tony Romo's first recruiting visit before Hartmann moved on to the University of Illinois.  

Upon graduation in 2000, Bradley joined a national builder and quickly advanced within the firm, picking up his MBA along the way before launching Red Angle in 2011.  

Hartmann has written three books on aspects of construction: Spanish Twins, Safety Spanish, and Behind Your Back.  

He lives in Dallas with his wife and two boys.